Withdrawal Policy

Parents who wish to withdraw their children will need to give a minimum of a week’s notice in writing in the prescribed format. The withdrawal form (available on the school website/admission office/admission booklet) should be filled only by the parent and submitted to the Admission office only. The receiving date at school of the duly filled and signed withdrawal form, will be treated as the date of withdrawal. No verbal/ telephonic/ e-mail intimation will be entertained.

Withdrawal date Admission Fee fees
Before 1st June No refund Full refund
1 June – 31 August No refund 30% of 1st term fee will be refunded
1 Sep – 30 Nov No refund 25% of 1st term fee will be refunded
1 Dec onwards No refund No refund

Refund is dependent upon all school property being returned in acceptable condition and all fees paid.

School Leaving certificate (Transfer Certificate) will be issued only after clearance of dues.

The decision of the Principal in this respect is final.

* Click here to download the withdrawal form and apply Withdrawal Form