Admissions Process

Wisewoods admits students based on their performance in the assessment test conducted on scheduled dates

Age appropriateness for the grade (as on the 1st April of the year of joining are as follows:

A written assessment and interview are conducted. Parents will be notified about the date for the written assessment and interview.

The written assessment will be conducted as follows
1. Grade V: English & Mathematics.
2. Grade VI to Grade IX : English, Mathematics and second language
There is no fixed syllabus for written assessment. Overseas students can have the assessment done via an online test. Parent/Guardian will be informed whether the application has been successful. All applications will be fairly considered strictly on their merits

Admission fee must be paid on receiving the admission offer letter. Failure to do so will render the seat being cancelled and offered to the candidate next on the waiting list. Security Deposit, First term fee and Imprest money should be paid on or before the day of joining the school. No part payments are allowed

Students who have been granted admission must collect their Boarding slips on arrival on the first day of school from the office. Students are not permitted into the boarding /classroom if they do not have the slip.

On being granted admission, the following forms would need to be filled and submitted: