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the founders

Mr. PotluriSreemannarayana, Founder of Viswabharati School.


Mr. PotluriSreemannarayana, the founder of Viswabharati, has an illustrious record in the educational field. In January 1968, he established the Viswabharati High School in Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh. After 5 decades of dedicated work, the school is now the oldest independent school in Andhra Pradesh and one of the largest with 4200 students. Mentoring thousands of boys and girls towards professional and personal success in life, he has transformed Viswabharati into a unique centre for academic achievement.

Mr Sreemannarayanais, Today considered a visionary in the school education sector.


Mr Sreemannarayanais today considered a visionary in the school education sector. He has also pioneered foundational test-prep courses at school level. To commemorate the 50-year landmark of Viswabharati, he has also established the state-of-art ViswabharatiWisewoods School. He still heads the day-to-day operations at Viswabharati.